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Old paint remover

SKU: KU-9001

Смывка старой краски
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The best solution for a quick removal of old paints, including hard-to-reach areas with complex geometry. Compared to traditional mechanical methods, it removes paint coatings with no risk of surface damage.

KUDO® KU-9001 is effective against most types of paints (oil, alkyd, nitrocellulose, acrylic, melamine-alkyd, etc.). It cannot remove any powder coatings. Can be applied for outdoor and indoor works, if precautionary measures are taken.

Before painting, the surfaces should always be degreased. It is recommended to use KUDO® Silicone Remover for degreasing.

Technical Information


~ 1 м²


520 ml

Units per box

12 units

Box dimensions

270x205x207 mm

Box weight

4,917 kg

information on ingredients

метиленхлорид, бутанол, моноэтаноламин, замедлитель испарения, модификатор реологии, пропан, бутан

Shelf life

5 years

Technical conditions


  • In order to avoid traces of aerosol, it is recommended to protect surfaces that are not to be treated.
  • For best results, apply the product at a minimum ambient temperature of +10°C.
  • Shake well for 1-2 minutes before use.
  • Spray the Remover from a distance of 25-30 cm to a clean and dry surface. In hot weather, the treated items should be covered with plastic film, as the evaporation of the mixture will be faster when the temperature increases.
  • The most resistant coatings (thermal-drying polyester paints, epoxy paints) require multiple applications of the remover with time intervals of 5-15 min, depending on the coating thickness and the ambient temperature.
  • The effect of the remover is seen by bubbling, peeling or softening of the paint coating. Then the coating can then be easily removed with a scraper or cloth. Before painting again, the surfaces should be degreased. We recommend KUDO® Silicone Remover for degreasing.
  • Avoid contact with plastic and rubber elements. In case of uncontrolled continuous contact, components of the product may cause damage and destruction of some elastomers and plastics.

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