The CREATION series has a new product, Glitter KU-C20X.

Glitter Spray Paint makes painted objects glitter and shimmer with a colorful shade, and creates an ingenious decorative effect on metal, wood, plastic, plaster, glass, ceramic and other surfaces.

The HOME series has a new product, Aerosol universal adhesive KU-H311.
General Purpose Waterproof Contact Adhesive Spray is designed for bonding materials, such as paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, leather, wood, cork, rubber, foamed rubber, plastic, foamed plastic, mineral wool, and non-woven fabrics to each other as well as to wood, metal, and stone surfaces.

The ARTE series has a new product, Spray paint fast dry acrylic RAL KU-AXXXX.
General Purpose Fast Dry Acrylic Spray Paint (Enamel) is designed for painting pre-primed surfaces (metal, wood, concrete, plastic, etc.). Ensures the best results for all kinds of decorating and design works. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The KRAFT series has a new product, Universal degreaser KU-9102.
Degreaser is used to prepare various parts for painting to clean and degrease the surface in order to ensure the necessary adhesion of paints and varnishes and obtain a uniform coating without craters, pores and wrinkles.