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Professional structural foam adhesive SUPERBLITZ HT


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One-component polyurethane adhesive with fast initial setting is developed according to VARIO SMART CELL technology. Characterised by high initial adhesion, low expansion, it doesn't deform bonded elements. For outdoor and indoor works.

Recommended for fixing plasterboards, OSB boards, tiles, skirting boards, decorative elements, window sills, various types of insulation to concrete, brick, stone, metal, plastered, bitumen and wooden surfaces. Ideal for assembling wooden elements, non-load-bearing walls made of gas concrete, gypsum boards and cellular blocks. Speeds up finishing works. Economically viable and easy-to-use. Doesn’t contain harmful solvents and fillers. Environmentally friendly when cured. No priming required for most materials. Not for fixing mirrors, polyethylene, polypropylene, teflon or silicone objects.


Система управления скоростью и силой склеивания VSC® (Vario Smart Cell): Модифицированные преполимеры в составе клея контролируют формирование когезионных связей внутри клеевого слоя, силу первичного схватывания и адгезию с поверхностями склеиваемых материалов.


  • SUPERBLITZ HT** is characterised by high initial adhesion, fast (~1min) initial setting and uniform curing over the entire adhesive coating. Structural strength – after 1 hour, dry to handle – 24 hours*.
  • Efficiency: 1 can replaces 13 cartridges (310 ml) of “Liquid Nails” adhesive, however KUDO® SUPERBLITZ is several times cheaper.
  • Adhesive yield: 1 can is about 250 metres of adhesive with a roll diameter of 10 mm*.
  • Production rate: it takes 15 minutes to change and prepare for application 13 cartridges of adhesive and only 20 seconds for a can of foam adhesive.
  • Easy to apply: the adhesive is ready to use, no special tools or preparation of adhesive mixture is required. The adhesive output from the can, compared to adhesive in cartridges, is achieved by propellant gas and it doesn’t require any physical efforts.
  • Installation work time is reduced by 30-40% compared to traditional technology.
  • Versatility: the list of bonding materials is much longer than for cartridges.
  • The aerosol can may be used repeatedly (within 30 days if the application gun is working correctly and if the storage requirements are observed).
  • The new valve construction provides high sticking resistance and guaranteed activation. It reduces gas losses by 40% while in storage.

* At a temperature of + 23°C and a relative humidity of 50%.
** HT – High Tech.

Technical Information


1000 ml



Units per box

12 units

Foam type


Shelf life

1 year



Adhesive/Sealant base


How to use

  • For best results, apply the product at an ambient temperature from +18°C to +27°C and at a relative humidity not lower than 50%. It is also acceptable to use from -10°C to +35°C. Can temperature should be from +18°C to +27°C.
  • The bonded surfaces should comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and should be free of dust, dirt, grease, ice and frost. For better adhesion it is recommended to sand the surfaces with sandpaper.
  • Attention! If the application conditions change, the bonding parameters will also change. For best results it is recommended to run a test.
  • The operating position of the can is UPSIDE DOWN.
  • Screw the gun onto the cross-shaped threaded adapter. Make sure the connection is tight.
  • Screw the applicator with the polyethylene straw to the foam can valve.
  • Shake the can well at least 15 times in 30 seconds.
  • Regulate the adhesive output by pressing the gun trigger. Apply the foam adhesive to one of the bonded surfaces in dots or strips. When bonding large surfaces (OSB, thermal insulation boards, etc.), apply the foam adhesive in strips of 30 mm in diameter around the perimeter (3-4 cm from the edge) and in the centre of the board, if it is necessary.
  • Adjust the application pressure and spray intensity by pulling the trigger and by the distance to the surface. Recommended distance is 30-35 cm.
  • For best adhesion, mist the surfaces with water at ambient temperatures above 0°C.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes and press firmly the surfaces together.
  • To install heavy elements, use anchor fixings (dowels, cones).
  • It is possible to correct the bonded surfaces within 5 minutes. Fill gaps with foam adhesive, if it is necessary.
  • Remove uncured adhesive with KUDO® Foam Cleaner.
  • Remove any excess adhesive with a knife after it has cured.
  • Cured foam can be removed with KUDO® FOAM REMOVER.

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