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Heat resistant sealant for cookers and fireplaces

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High quality heat resistant silicate sealant is used for sealing seams, joints and filling cracks when installing and repairing fireplaces, cookers, ovens, heating systems, pipes and chimneys in any area where high temperature resistance is important.

Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. The product has excellent adhesion to concrete, fire bricks, stone, glass, cast iron and steel. Pre-priming does not required.

It is characterised by high operating properties: it forms strong and durable seams, it does not colour fade, it is UV, weather and temperature resistant. Thixotropic, does not flow or drip down the joint. Cured sealant has no elastic properties and therefore is not recommended for sealing construction joints. The product is developed for low-vibration, slow-moving joints that are exposed to high temperatures. It protects against spreading of fire, smoke and gases. Odourless. Does not contain asbestos.

Technical Information


Black KSK-702

Adhesive/Sealant base





280 ml


Store in tightly closed original packaging at room temperature from +10°C to +25°C in a dry place. During transportation, single freezing down to -20°C is allowed for a total of not more than 7 days.

Shelf life

18 months

How to use

  • It’s recommended to apply the product at an ambient temperature from +5°C to +35°C. The temperature of the sealant should be +20°C… +25°C.
  • Apply the sealant to clean, degreased surfaces. Before applying, get the surfaces wet with water.
  • Protect surfaces with masking tape to ensure an accurate application.
  • Cut off the tip of the cartridge above the screw thread, screw on the nozzle, unscrew the nozzle cap and cut off the nozzle diagonally (at an angle of 45°) according to the diameter of the joint width.
  • Use a cartridge-operated gun for application.
  • Apply the sealant to the entire depth of the joint and smooth out the surface immediately after application with a wet putty knife.
  • The mixture will be cured within a day, and during this time it can be slightly heated.
  • After curing, small cracks might appear in the surface, due to setting shrinkage. In this case, an additional sealant coat should be applied.
  • Tools and surfaces should be washed well with water before curing, otherwise it is difficult to clean them after the sealant has cured.

Note! Do not apply the sealant at ambient temperatures below +5°C and in high humidity (>70%).

When the cartridge is opened, some transparent liquid may leak out: this is normal for this type of sealant.

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