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Acrylic silicone sealant for windows and doors


Видео по продукту

Intended for sealing seams and joints of jambs, frames, window sills when installing window and door units made of PVC and wood. High adhesion to various materials: concrete, wood, plaster, ceramics, plasterboard, glass, aluminium, metals, PVC.

Has high operating characteristics: after curing, forms a strong durable waterproof joint, does not discolour and does not accumulate dust, resistant to mould, most detergents and cleaning agents, UV, weather and temperature changes. Thixotropic, does not flow or drip down the joint. Resistant to ageing, retains a long time flexibility.

When cured, the sealant film forms a glossy surface. Solvent-free and environmentally friendly. Paintable.


  • For indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Resistant to UV radiation, mould growth, cleaning agents and detergents.
  • Plasto-elastic.
  • Has a wide operating temperature range: from –40°C to +70°C.
  • Dry to touch – 2 hours at 20±2°C and 60±5% humidity, for a coating thickness of 1mm. Dry to handle – 48 hours.
  • A cartridge covers 20-22 running meters with a roll diameter of 4 mm.

Technical Information


White KSK-291

Adhesive/Sealant base

Siliconized Acrylic




280 ml


In tightly closed container at temperatures from +4°C to +40°C. Withstands freezing up to -18°C, but not more than five cycles of freezing-thawing (6 hours of freezing, 18 hours of thawing).

Shelf life

2 years

How to use

  • It’s recommended to apply the product at an ambient temperature not lower than +7°C. The temperature of the sealant should be +20°C… +25°C.
  • Apply the sealant to clean, degreased surfaces. For degreasing, Silicone Remover KU-9100 is recommended.
  • Protect surfaces with masking tape to ensure an accurate application.
  • Cut off the tip of the cartridge above the screw thread, screw on the nozzle, unscrew the nozzle cap and cut off the nozzle diagonally (at an angle of 45°) according to the diameter of the joint width.
  • Use a cartridge-operated gun for application.
  • When the work is finished, smooth down the sealant with a putty knife before the film has formed.
  • Remove the masking tape immediately after smoothing.
  • After application, prevent the sealant from being in contact with water for at least 6 hours.
  • Tools and surfaces should be washed well with water before curing.
  • Remove cured sealant using mechanical methods.
  • Do not apply on surfaces that are in contact with drinking water or foods. Not for joints that are permanently under water (swimming pools, aquariums).

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