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Enamel for the engine

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Alkyd baseBefore use, we recommend reading the table of correct material combinations

Enamel For The Engine KUDO® is a high quality, gloss, heat resistant product. It is intended for painting engines, car parts and other metal items that are exposed to heat and heavy vibration. Elastic and shock resistant.

It protects from corrosion and prevents the painted surface from dirt. It can be easily applied on hard-to-reach places, has good coverage and weather resistance.

Technical Information





Intercoat drying

10-15 min

Dry to touch

25-30 min

Dry to handle

5 hours

For use on

Metal, Painted surface


≈ 2 м²


520 ml

Units per box

6 units

Box dimensions

205х137х205 mm

Box weight

2,321 kg

information on ingredients

модифицированная алкидная смола, неорганические пигменты, наполнители, функциональные добавки, ксилол, метилацетат, бутанол, пропан, бутан

Shelf life

5 years

Technical conditions


  • In order to avoid traces of aerosol, it is recommended to protect surfaces that are not to be treated.
  • For best results, apply the product at a minimum ambient temperature of +10°C.
  • Do not spray on hot surfaces or parts! They must be cooled down to ambient temperature beforehand to avoid ignition.
  • Shake well for 2-3 minutes before use.
  • The paint is applied to a clean, dry, degreased surface, free from rust and dirt. Spray the paint from a distance of 25-30 cm, in 2-3 paint coats, avoiding overspray, with intercoat drying 10-15 minutes. Dry to touch at +20°C is 25-30 minutes, dry to handle at +20°C – 5 hours.

Warning! After use, to avoid clogging the spray head, turn the can upside down and spray until the paint stops coming out.

Note! Apply next coats of paints no later than 2 hours or no earlier than 2 weeks. No additional varnish coating is required.

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