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Camping stove fuel all-season


Газ универсальный для портативных газовых приборов

KUDO® KU-H403 All-Season Multipurpose Gas Mixture is a high purity product. Designed for use with portable gas appliances (gas stoves, lamps, burners, camping and other equipment). The unique composition of the gas mixture provides:

  • steady and consistent burn at temperatures down to –20°C;
  • high specific heat of the mixture, which allows the can to be used for a longer time.

Contains special detergent additives that ensure the cleanliness of gas lines and nozzles, and prevent premature failure of gas appliances.

One can typically provides 120 to 150 minutes of continuous use of a camping stove at a medium flame setting.

Technical Information


520 ml

Units per box

12 units

Box dimensions

270x205x207 mm

Box weight

3,805 kg

information on ingredients

пропан, бутан, изобутан, одорирующая добавка

Shelf life

5 years

Technical conditions


  • Connect the gas can in accordance with the user manual for the gas appliance.
  • Use the can within the temperature range from –20°C to +40°C.

Attention! The gas can is disposable and non-refillable!

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