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Waterproofing spray for leather & textile

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Защита от воды. Водоотталкивающая пропитка для кожи и текстиля
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KUDO® Water-repellent Impregnation Spray is designed for waterproofing footwear and clothing made of various types of leather, textile, and high-tech materials with protective membranes.

Penetrates into the material, makes it moisture-proof, and forms a hydrophobic film on the surface, which provides long-lasting protection against moisture and wet dirt. Keeps the product breathable. Extends service life of footwear, clothing, sports and hiking outfits. Recommended for regular use.

Technical Information

Intercoat drying

5-10 min

Dry to handle

10-20 min


≈ 2 м²


400 ml

Units per box

12 units

Box dimensions

220x167x250 mm

Box weight

3,606 kg

information on ingredients

алифатические углеводороды >30%, фторкарбоновые смолы <5%, функциональные добавки <1%

Shelf life

5 years

Technical conditions


  • To avoid damaging poorly painted or delicate materials requiring special care, test the product on a barely visible fragment of the treated surface before use.
  • On products made of smooth, patent, and synthetic leather, must be used in accordance with instructions for such products.
  • To ensure the best results, spray – avoiding overspray – from a distance of 15-25 cm onto a clean and dry surface at a minimum temperature of +10°C.
  • Let dry. A brand-new product should be pretreated 2-3 times, letting each undercoat dry for 20-30 minutes.
  • After treating suede or nubuck products, brush the painted surface with a suede and nubuck leather brush cleaner.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Flammable! Pressurised container! Protect from direct sunlight and heating above +50°C. Do not spray near an open flame or red-hot objects! No smoking when in use! Do not disassemble and keep out of reach of children! Do not breathe the vapor! Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes! If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. If the spray comes into contact with skin, rinse the area immediately with plenty of soap and water. If the spray comes into contact with eyes, rinse the eyes immediately with water, and seek medical advice showing this label. Store and use in a well-ventilated place. Use skin, eye, and respiratory protective equipment. Avoid static electric discharge.

DISPOSAL RECOMMENDATIONS. Do not open by force or throw into fire even after use! Dispose of a used can as household waste.

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