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Non-flammable air duster

SKU: KU-H451


The product is designed for non-contact removal of dust and small debris from hard-to-reach places and from computers, audio-, video- and photographic equipment, as well as office and home appliances. Suitable for cleaning printed circuit boards, lenses of optical instruments, laboratory, diagnostic and other delicate equipment. Produced from a mixture of non-combustible gases.

Can be used for cleaning electrical appliances connected to the main supply. The sprayer cap is equipped with a straw which allows for controlling the direction and intensity of a jet of compressed air. Leaves no residue when sprayed.

Extends the service life of equipment when used systematically.

Technical Information


520 ml

information on ingredients

1,1,1,2-тетрафторэтан >30%



Shelf life

5 years


A special-design valve allows for using the can even when holding it upside down.

Caution! The agent, when applied, significantly cools the parts being cleaned. Rapid cooling of hot parts can adversely affect their performance and even disable them!

  • Insert the straw into the sprayer cap.
  • Remove dust and dirt by spraying in short bursts. A special-design valve allows for using the can even when holding it upside down.

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