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Spot blender

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Растворитель переходов
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Professional product for high quality spot repairs using the “smooth transition” method. KUDO® KU-9101 Spot Blender is intended to reduce optical colour and gloss differences between old and new paint or varnish coatings. It ensures a smooth blend of the paint coating, and thereby removes the overspray.

Effective both for spot repairs in two steps: metallic base + varnish, and for painting with any acrylic and alkyd paints.

Technical Information

For use on

Painted surface


≈ 2 м²


520 ml

Units per box

6 units

Box dimensions

205х137х205 mm

Box weight

2,321 kg

information on ingredients

бутилацетат, 2-метокси-1-метилэтилацетат, алициклический кетон, функциональные добавки, пропан, бутан

Shelf life

5 years

Technical conditions


  • For best results, apply the product at a minimum ambient temperature of +10°C.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray the Spot Blender from a distance of 15-20 cm, in a thin coat, avoiding overspray, into the transition zone (overspray zone) between the old and new paintwork without waiting for curing.
  • When the transition zone is visually smoothed out, stop applying the product.

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