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Acrylic vapor-permeable joint sealant, exterior PROFF

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Intended for the outer layer of joints at window and door frames, entrance units, stained glass constructions to the wall openings in heated buildings with an allowable deformation of the joint of not more than 15%.

The product is used for sealing of the outer layer of joints in window, balcony and glass panels as well as for sealing of gaps between walls, ceilings, skirting boards, window sills, wooden and metal window frames, concrete and bricks. KUDO® SMP 351 is excellent for removing and masking defects: joints, cracks, gaps, cavities in wooden, brick and concrete walls. Not for joints that are permanently under water. For outdoor works.


  • KUDO® MONTAGE SYSTEM is a system of professional materials for installation, fixing and sealing of window (balcony, door) units in external building enclosures.
  • Excellent adhesion to brick, concrete, wood, metals, PVC and other building materials.
  • Solvent free.
  • UV resistant.
  • Chemically neutral, odourless.
  • Easy to apply and clean.
  • After curing, it can be painted with water-based and synthetic paints*.
  • Skin formation time is 30-60 minutes.
  • Has a wide operating temperature range: from –30°C to +70°C.
  • Coverage: 140 g/running meter for a joint cross-section of 20 x 5 mm.
  • It helps to remove moisture from the joint. Protects PU-foam from UV, rain, wind./li>
  • One product for any joint size.

Technical Information


White SMP-351

Adhesive/Sealant base





600 ml


Store in tightly closed original packaging at room temperature from +10°C to +25°C in a dry place. During transportation, single freezing down to -20°C is allowed for a total of not more than 7 days.

Shelf life

1 year

How to use

  • Apply the sealant to the surfaces cleaned from dirt, dust, cement residues, sealant residues or others. PU-foam sealant surfaces and concrete panels must be free of defects such as cracks, cavities and chips. Defects larger than 6 mm must be removed. For winter works, clean the surface of ice and frost. The sealant can be applied to both dry and moist surfaces. No drops of water allowed. The sealant should be applied no earlier than 24 hours after PU-foam sealant application. The surfaces close to the PU-foam sealant must be degreased. For degreasing, Silicone Remover KU-9100 is recommended. Caution! Do not use when it rains, snows or in high humidity (>70%).
  • It’s recommended to apply the product at an ambient temperature from +5°C to +35°C, application at -20…35°C is acceptable. The temperature of the sealant should be +20°C… +25°C. The sealant is ready for use.
  • Don’t dilute the sealant with water. Otherwise the sealant may flow off, lose adhesion and start cracking.
  • For application, use a dispensing gun for sealants in foil packs.
  • Get the application gun ready: take the gun push-rod out until it stops, unscrew the nut and the nozzle, place the foil pack in the application gun. Carefully cut off the packaging left outside, close the gun, fixing the nozzle and the nut in the correct position: the cut packaging tip must fit into the nozzle. Cut off the nozzle diagonally (at an angle of 45°) to provide a suitable dosing hole.
  • Smooth the sealant with a putty knife.
  • Protect surfaces with masking tape to ensure an accurate application and remove it immediately after smoothing the sealant.
  • The sealant coating thickness should be 4.5 to 5 mm. The width of the sealant coating must be not less than 3 mm on each side of the opening and frame surfaces.
  • Keep the packaging closed tight if there are breaks in work.
  • Tools and surfaces should be washed with water before curing. Remove cured sealant using mechanical methods.

*When using solvent-based paints, run a test.

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