There are several specific requirements for bathroom sealants. First, it must resist mold growth well. Secondly, it must be water-resistant. And, thirdly, elastic, since seams that need to be sealed in the bathroom are often movable. In addition, the sealant for the bathroom should have excellent adhesion to various materials.

The CREATION series has a new product, Glitter KU-C20X.

Glitter Spray Paint makes painted objects glitter and shimmer with a colorful shade, and creates an ingenious decorative effect on metal, wood, plastic, plaster, glass, ceramic and other surfaces.

The HOME series has a new product, Aerosol universal adhesive KU-H311.
General Purpose Waterproof Contact Adhesive Spray is designed for bonding materials, such as paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, leather, wood, cork, rubber, foamed rubber, plastic, foamed plastic, mineral wool, and non-woven fabrics to each other as well as to wood, metal, and stone surfaces.

The ARTE series has a new product, Spray paint fast dry acrylic RAL KU-AXXXX.
General Purpose Fast Dry Acrylic Spray Paint (Enamel) is designed for painting pre-primed surfaces (metal, wood, concrete, plastic, etc.). Ensures the best results for all kinds of decorating and design works. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The KRAFT series has a new product, Universal degreaser KU-9102.
Degreaser is used to prepare various parts for painting to clean and degrease the surface in order to ensure the necessary adhesion of paints and varnishes and obtain a uniform coating without craters, pores and wrinkles.